National Geographic Traveller – The Luxury Issue


What is luxury? Is it a boutique villa in the Maldives with a private beach, a personal chef and a butler on hand for your every whim? Or is it a simply a case of less is more? We know there’s so much more to luxury than money. It’s about those meaningful, authentic experiences; it can be something you’ve saved a lifetime for, but it can oft en be one of the undefi nable — oft en free — moments that travel delivers in spades. In this issue, we look at both — exploring all that money can buy, and the riches it cannot. We discover the traditions of Paris’s ever-innovative artisans — their passion for parfum, perfect tailoring, Michelin-starred cuisine and exquisite chocolate. We spend a fortnight adrift in the Aegean on a sailing ship, and explore Venice’s lesser-known neighbourhoods. Then to Dallas, where we fi nd unexpected food trucks and seriously good craft beer, before landing on the pristine coast of Mozambique, where conservation projects see wild dolphins and wide-eyed travellers swim side by side. And sometimes luxury can simply be a top-notch place to stay. This issue, we also bring you the results of our Big Sleep Awards — 51 of the world’s fi nest hotels, from budget to boutique and beyond; and reveal your nine favourites from our reader categories. Geographic Traveller UK – July – August 2018.pdf


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