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Zombies have been on our minds a lot lately. Not literally, like chewing on our brains… but here at OXM we’re always mindful of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. But so long as we’ve all got Xbox Ones, good Wi-Fi, and a load of gaming snacks, we’d be all set to wait it out, especially as this month we’re almost overrun by great new undead-centric games. First off we got ourselves a scoop on an as-yet unrevealed character in Overkill’s The Walking Dead —and you can read about that in our big preview of the game on p24! We also chatted with that game’s devs, and the chaps behind Undead Labs’ State Of Decay 2 , about just why we gamers have such undying love for the zombie genre. Enjoy, and keep a look out for next month’s issue, as OXM heads out to E3 to find out what Xbox releases we can look forward to in the coming year! Xbox Magazine USA – August 2018.pdf

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